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Microsoft Excel Pivot tables, V Look Up and IF functions online


Learn how to use Pivot Tables Excel spreadsheets are handy tools for tracking and analysing data. However, they do have some limitations. If you build a spreadsheet in a certain layout, it will often take a fair amount of time and work to provide alternate views of the data. That?s where Pivot Tables come to the rescue. Pivot Tables allow you to take a large block of Excel data and slice & dice it in numerous useful ways. The best thing is that you don?t ever have to risk damaging your source data to produce these alternate views. Pivot tables are interactive tables you can use reach excels full potential. You will learn: Creating a pivot table from existing data Analysing data Organising data Rearrange data Present it in different ways Extract information from large data sources VLook up How to use V Look up definition The Vlookup function in Excel is used to see if a value in one cell (or list of cells) is in another group of cells. (?V? is for vertical ? you can use the H lookup function to check horizontally too) Looks for a value in the leftmost column of a table, and then returns a value in the same row from a column you specify. What you will learn: Syntax of Vlook up function Named ranges V look up formulas Function Argument tables N/A and error messages Combining V Look Up and IF Statements Excel Nested IF Functions How and when to use the IF and AND function This course includes free 6 month support for any queries you may have after the initial training.

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