Docks Bookkeeping

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Xero Level 2 Online


This course is also suitable for students or anyone wishing to gain and understand how Xero works (at a more advance level) and for anyone wishing to continue studies within bookkeeping or anyone just starting out. The aim of this course is to introduce you to financial record keeping using Xero a cloud based accounting software. To enable you to progress in your learning by further developing your knowledge, understanding and skills for dealing with financial transactions and completing the units necessary. You will learn how to: How to set up the system Customise Sales invoices Enter opening balances Manage Users Part Payments Allocating discounts VAT Returns - HMRC Bank Transfers (between accounts) Spend and receive money Split payments /invoices Bank Reconciliation Reconciliation Reports Setting up a bank account Manually importing a bank statement Error Messages Deleting and restoring bank statement lines Basic Payroll

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